Monday, February 9, 2009

Self Indulgence - Microcosmic

I got together some of the richest products in beadmaking to make an indulgent jewellery set for myself: pure silver, gold aventurine and psyche glass. There are also swirls of faux boro, plunged bubble dots and lashings of clear to magnify everything.
I should probably have added a czech crystal, goldleaf and palladium leaf to truly go over the top, however I really enjoyed the effects created.
These are brilliant in the bright sunlight (my photos don't capture the wonder), the aventurine shimmers brightly and there is so much depth and detail, like a micro-cosmos, so that is what they are, Microcosmic beads.
The top image shows my trollbeads bracelet which already has a few of these added along with a bunch of other beads I made for it.
There are three big spheres which I think I will make another 4 to create a necklace, and a small pair for earrings. I made about 8 bracelet beads so I have four or so leftover. One has already gone to a sister and I haven't decided what to do with the rest. One day I will have to perform some kind of marketing giveaway ploy to get more customers or fans or something LOL this sounds very blase. The bead making is the easy part of my bead empire :-D theres not a lot of other time left over. (not really an empire then is it? lol)


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous beads!

SueBeads said...

Ok, that was my daughter's account! Try again:
Those beads are gorgeous!