Thursday, May 28, 2009

Frida Kahlo, The Websters, Mermaids, A set, and Heffalump

I have to do a bit of a catch up, I've been remiss in posting my latest creations and the developments that have taken place. There is actually quite a bit to share but I'll stick to the following 5 for this post.... in no particular order:

I started playing with encased aventurine chips and loved the subtle gold sparkle, so I made some scarabs and then got real ambitious and decided to make a set of curvy flat shapes with transparency and glitter. I really don't have a huge amount of patience for sets, I get skittish and want to move on to something new... but I stuck it out and made a couple each session. I used some harmonious colours with the always beautiful and currently fashionable purple.

Next I want to introduce my mermaid. I've actually made about four now and while I enjoy making them I know I'm learning and applying some different skills. It's exciting exploring new territory. By no means have I perfected her, but I love seeing how each of the challenges within this bead are developing and improving. In terms of the challenges:
  • I am trying out my own handmade murrini for her eyes and learning how to apply them.
  • I'm getting a lot of stringer work in for her hair and seaweed
  • designing a flat image for 3 dimensional space, to create interest all the way around
  • shape control without distortion
  • seeking the perfect glass combo for colours with maximum impact while keeping the design in place.
I'm only going to show the first one... there's been a lot of changes since, but when I am finally happy with it I'll post the whole development. This one doesn't not have murrini eyes, so don't wonder why they look so awful (lol). The things I like about it are the copper green scrolls on the pyjama blue, and how her coral tail really pops out of it.

Next are my little Webster friends. They are a pair of owls who underwent the 'intense black' effect. Intense black in a special kind of glass which is packed full of compounds to make it a really dense black. These same elements will 'spread' out and produce a 'web' effect when put under intense heat, particularly on a sloppy base glass like ivory or white, which further exacerbates the effect. I'm really please with these two fellas.Fourth, just for eye-candy's sake, is little heffalump who I have fallen in love with. She was made out of a glass called heffalump, named after the elephant in winnie the pooh. A pale pinky lavender. She also features pink spots on her wings and white spots on her tummy. I just wanna pop her in my mouth like a candy.

Last but definately not least is my little carnivale of Frida Kahlo-inspired owls (Frida Kowlo's) Working in the state library with the art books, I can get distracted with what passes under my nose. Lately I think students have been studying Frida Kahlo, a Mexican artist, because of the frequent use of books about her.
She does have a very distinctive, individual look and spirit about her which I admire.
She often self-portrayed herself with a mono-brow, red lipstick, and flowers and ribbons in her hair.
The photo below illustrates the order in which the owls were made. The first one was not inspired by Frida but it reminded me of Frida. So I thought about it for a while and then determined, for some unfathomable reason, that I should make more owl Frida's, with more of her characteristics.
They were fun to make and are simply a celebration of life. I can't wait to make more.
My favorites are the bottom three.