Saturday, February 28, 2009

Super Sexy Robot!

It's sleek, smooth, curvy and super shiny with a mirrored finish. Reminds me of chrome and glass (funny thing, it IS glass).
I made this robot with a relatively new glass from Double Helix, called Triton. Triton is a transparent cobalt blue glass in rod form, but when reduced... "BLING!!!" out comes the mother of all lustres. Featured on his front is a cog from a watch, the kind of clean, simple detail that marries so beautifully with all the smooth shininess (imagine mag wheels, why do people love them so much...) His head has various bumps perfect clear on the sides and light golden 'antennae' on his head of another new fabulous glass called Aurae (also from Double Helix). I'm also planning on making a robot out of that. The eyes came out with some intense colours and add life to his character.

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Marilyn said...

He really does look sleek and sexy, though somehow wise and thoughtful as well - a robot with soul! Is the metalic sheen perfect robot camo for our favourite wise old bird? He is gorgeous!