Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bead Expo, Owls (ofcourse) and online Interview

It has been a busy two months. I just finished a bead show and will soon be back creating, today hopefully!!! Below are some reports on all the things I have been up to... beady related!

  1.  I have taken a workshop with Andrea Guarino and had a fab time. One of the noteable consequences from attending this workshop is meeting two gorgeous gals who have a passion for lampworking and live within a stones throw. We now form a little bead group that is called "The Flaming Matildas" and this is blossoming and expanding to include a bunch of other wonderful lampwork artists in Victoria.
    Andrea Guarino and Georgie Field
  2. I had my first bead expo and met so many fabulous people!! I went there with 50 owls and came home with 3 little lonely owls. 
    One fabulous lady turned out to be the visiting international beading artist Marcia Decoster who loves owls. Marcia mentions her owl purchases and our meeting in her blog... Generous, warm and  incredibly supportive, thankyou Marcia!  Aside from the owl aspect, Marcia makes the most beautiful adornments to wear, using seed beads like magic dust these wonderful creations appear. I loved it when people came up to the stall wearing their works of art. Marcia had whipped up some incredible earrings the night before.
    Two AbFab ladies also made an entrance into my life by purchasing parliaments of owls and beads, while looking dazzling and spreading encouragement. Kirstin doesn't have a website at this time but promised me some photos of the grand idea she has for the beads she purchased. Considering the fabulous jewellery she was wearing I am very excited to see that project blossom. Claudia Rubinstein was also decked out in superb beaded finery and has a penchant for owls and fairytales, bringing them to life through her gorgeous paintings.
    Georgie Field and her table at the BSV Bead Expo
  3. Speaking of fabulous jewellery, the Flaming Matildas' Belinda and Jenni have both purchased owls from me and turned them into gorgeous jewellery. Jenni has a post in her blog with some photos but I would also love to get a photo of both Belinda and Jenni wearing their work. Such different designs and both  brilliant.
  4. I was asked for an interview about my lampwork for an online beading magazine called Beading Times. I am the featured artist for the month of November. Check it out to see lots of eyecandy and learn more about me, if you're interested that is!! there are also many other interviews with amazing and talented bead makers.
  5. Finally.... some of my work for October

I made a new design, incorporating a bit more fantasy than normal with the curly eye feathers, and also incorporating some things I have learnt about frit in the body. This guy is my favorite, hanging on to him for a while!

Everyone points at this guy because of his big beautiful eyes.