Friday, January 9, 2009

Man in the Moon

I was putting off taking photos for auction and looking for distractions when I saw an unwanted dangle on my desk that I had created for a robot. With new eyes I saw the leg and foot of something... but what?
Well there needed to be two legs, so that was a start, and there needed to be a pelvis so that they hung right.... hmmm lets try 20 beads before settling on a silver torso bead.
Now we just need arms, naturally they should be silver wire to fit in the narrow space. Hey if I make loops for hands they could dangle something!
Where am I going to find a head?
After digging around for a while, I had the 'AHA' moment. I made the 'man in the moon bead' a couple of years ago, I really liked him but other people just didn't understand what he was, so I didn't make another and he sat in the bead box biding his time....waiting for his body....
Finally... what hangs around the moon and what would he carry? duh!
I just love him, pure unadulterated creation with a wonderful rightness.


Laurie said...

He is adorable! At first, he reminded me of Jack from "Nightmare before Christmas" but then I noticed his little star. Very cool!

Georgie Field said...

Thanks Laurie, I agree he does have a Jack vibe! and your sock monkey rocks :-)

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

He is so very cute:) Hugs Darcy