Friday, July 1, 2011

Ring a Ring a Rosy

I have been making quite a variety of beads, but enjoying the ring thing a lot! Here's a couple of fingerfuls.

I particularly like the eye and flower design, decorative and interesting. The middle finger ring is made from Double Helix 'Helios' a beautiful lustering gold colour.

Below are a few more for good measure. I think if you are going to wear a glass ring, it had better be a showcase for the glass and therefore cannot be tiny and boring. It should catch the eye, well, that's what I think, and all the three year olds that have played with them would agree with me!


amanda said...

very nice ... me and Emily were just admiring them

Georgie Field said...

Thanks, sorry the rings missed the plane, could be a good thing if something nicer gets made in the mean time! The long rings are most comfortable on the middle finger but are also pretty funky on the first. Is Emily a size 7 on every finger?

Emily said...

Hi Aunty Georgie, I'm not sure but I think my middle finger is a bit bigger... but not sure of the actual size.

steufel said...