Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rings of glass

A couple of weeks ago I attended some workshops with renowned lampwork artist and teacher, Corina Tettinger. Six days of filling up my brains to overflowing with valuable insights and new techniques was the best thing I have done this year. Thanks to a fantastic teacher, Corina, we were taught not only what was expected, but also plenty of awesome extras such as rings!

I was dying to make some of these beautiful glittery objects for the fingers using some of the wonderful Double Helix silver glasses. such as Clio, Kalypso and Triton.

So far I have made 5. One is for my niece, the light blue mirror one. The last one i made was the most ornate, with the goldstone edge, twist and shiny dots. The design possibilities are exciting so i'm looking forward to doing some crazy fun things with rings.


amanda said...

You'll have to call this the Cinderella collection ... whomever they fit, gets to be the princess

Georgie Field said...

True! I will bring a heap with me next time i am down as i dont think i want to sell them but i cant help making them! Has emily seen the post? I will drop a post on her facebook.

ernest. said...

Georgie, these look great... Also NEIS is going good, studio is still on the go and I will be keeping you in the loop about the movments... Also find me on facebook because I cant find you...!!!