Sunday, June 21, 2009

More, more, more decorative owls

These two are my latest favorites from the decorative owls. I imported a previous owl, Hepzibah Lulu, into photoshop and played around with the colours and patterns. Armed with a warhol-esque sheet of owls, I went to the torch and made further progress.
Above on the left is Hannah from Humpilanti named after an old Finnish penpal of mine. On the right is the thoroughly modern Milly.
Directly below this text is Nanny Crack. She is the biggest of the ladies, being 30mm tall. Unfortunately her substance contributed to some cracking in her bottom (underneath her tail). Poor thing just can't get comfortable.
And finally we have the extraordinary Edie Pea, so called because her coat is 'pea green' and her breast and beak were made with the notorious EDP (Evil Devitrifying Purple). It's a beautiful color, but through it's evil powers it can transfer scum onto nearby glass. In this case, her left eye has a smudge of incredibly annoying topical scum which is not evident in the photo, but as yet I have been unable to polish off. ARGGGGH However I enjoy her unashamed flamboyance.


Harooney said...

I'm loving the wing patterns George.

Sarah said...

Hi Georgie! I LOVE the colorful owls! :-)

Pencio said...

Wow, I love all your owls.
I have two passions in life, beading and my collection of owls.

Georgie Field said...

Thankyou everyone! I'm glad you like the patterns and colour :-)
Hi Sarah! thanks for stopping by, I know you're a colour addict ;-)I couldn't help myself either.

Pencio, I just had a look at your owl blog, what an AMAZING owl collection you have!!! many treasures throughout, I don't think I've seen a collection with so many beautiful owls, I have seen other collections with lots of mass produced types of owls but yours is jaw-dropping!
I am inspired by them, thanks for stopping by! (I wish I could read french :-) I also looked at your beading, :-O I have had a lovely time looking at your works of art! incredible.