Saturday, June 13, 2009

Duckie Magoo, Madame Fruit, Hepzibah Lulu

I want to share with you the delightful Mesdames three, on the left is Hepzibah Lulu, centre stage - Duckie Magoo (both names should be spoken aloud for maximum satisfaction and euphony) and on the right, Madam Fruit. They look like they're going out somewhere special.
Duckie Magoo was a little ray of sunshine in the kiln this morning. When these colours were heated it was impossible to tell what was going to happen with the final result but Duckie came through with flying colours. These owls are continuing on with the Frida Kahlo theme.
My favorite of the three is Madam Fruit, I see a lot of potential in her, particularly in the wing decoration. Her eyes are just divine! I've decided to go bigger with these ladies, pack in a bit more punch.

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Harooney said...

Very pretty, love M. Fruits feathers and Sarah says they all look like candy :)