Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hearts and Owls

I'm still working on inventory for the bead show next week ( Bead Expo Fri 11th-13th nov. Kingston Town Hall Moorrabbin).
I spent a lot of time on a heart design. It features a flower blossoming from a heart, like how love sometimes returns when you may not have thought it possible. There are 'flames' around the edges, symbolizing the challenges/trials that impact on our hearts. OK enough blithering and philosophizing! Here are pics of 4. I have only made about 9.

Now for some owls... I have been in a feverish frenzy making these. Some are in that category where I don't know whether I will actually part with them.
He reminds me of the universe, funnily enough his body was made from a glass called Black Nebula

Had to try out Clio glass, was a challenge alright!
Look! Legs! they make me laugh, like little owl pantaloons.

A tail! He also has legs (shock horror)

Mother and baby

Adorable plump baby owls! see the little gap for dangling charms?

The Usual Suspects!

8 comments: said...

Those are all wonderful I adore the double owls - good luck on the show I know what its like trying to get things done for a show -mine is this weekend

amanda said...

The hearts and the new owls are gorgeous ... can't wait to see them live ... so looking forward to the weekend

Georgie Field said...

Thanks Deborah! I hope your show was a success for you. That kitty is adorable!

Hey Mandy, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, look stunning, am in melbourne at easter are these in any shops or galleries or can i get them on line?

Stephanie Nelson said...

How do I get to buy a few of these gorgeous owls? Or where do I find them?

VoodooKitten said...

ohh my ok i need to find where to purchase these!!!!
amazing colors and textures!!!!!!!!!!!!

LillyJo said...

Love Your Art Work! So Unique! Thank you for sharing it ! Please send an address where one can purchase some of it.Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I just adore these. Are they for purchase?