Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Owls with shards

I was gifted some beautiful looking shards and finally made some owls using them. Shards are made by winding molten glass around the end of a tube in a rough bowl shape then blowing through the tube so that it forms a thinned bulb shape. When solidified you smash the bulb, producing 'shards' of glass. These shards have some silvered ivory in the mix which provides a lovely organic effect. Here's a photo with the shards before they're applied, they are very thin, fragile and razor sharp!

Here are the owls finished. I used a white base. Verdict? I like. The last owl has some frit of silver glass Terranova on his back, which has turned the shard a deeper golden-brown hue.

1 comment:

Deb said...

I like too Georgie! Then again I am somewhat biased - 'cos I love everything you make anyway!

Oh yes - I made some scarabs.
Verdict is still out as to whether I like them as much as I like yours! It's looking doubtful.

If I'm feeling brave (& you promise not to laugh) I just might show them to day ;o)