Sunday, November 9, 2008

The three amigos...

These little fellas look like they hang out together and they're just so darn cute! I achieved a few things with my owls this week...
  1. A different design, I like to keep expanding the portfolio of shapes and styles, I've tried primitive, folk, simple, profile, long, short, tiny, big head, little head, played with wings and frit. This week I did experimental head sizes.
  2. Consistent 'bright' eyes and solid knowledge of how to do it. I still get surprise when I see the final result because I like to mix up the eye recipes, but the consistency is in the intensity - not all owls turn out the way they're 'supposed' to, some of the eyes are boring or clouded or too bubbly/fizzy, overcooked, too patchy. I have a bunch of them sitting here, I'm sure someone somewhere would love them.
  3. The BIGGEST eyes I've ever made on owls and they're pretty (well I like them!)

1 comment:

Deb said...

These are way cute Georgie!!
I'm having a giggle at your name though - & wish you the luck I had the last time I named a trio that.

They were goldfish, bought to hopefully grow huge & fat in my rather oversized garden pond. I wanted all males - obviously that is not what I got. Within months I had 100's of babies!!

Hopefully you will look in your kiln one morning and similar will have happened ;o)