Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Beginning

In the beginning there was an owl (bead), it was made of glass and many people wanted it. He may not seem much now but he was a start.

Maybe there's something about this fella that can go even further, maybe there can be enough owls for EVERYONE!

Since the first, there have been over 150 owls and a lot of progress. This is my website, which has lots of photos.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glass Eye. Welcome to the Learning 2.0 program. Thank you for sharing your beautiful owl. I hope you enjoy the program.

The Black Douglas said...

jazz is only the beginning, for knight moves :P

The Black Douglas said...

Anyway whats going on with the glass eye?

nutmeg said...

Hi Glass eye.
Love you work; contact me! I to buy an Owl or 2 or 3. lol :)